Registration Groups

Accommodation / Tenancy Assistance

Includes transition supports only

Assistance for Employment or Education

Assistance to access or maintain employment or education

Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transition and supports

This registration group includes short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening the participant’s ability to coordinate their supports, and …

Assistance With Travel / Transport Arrangements

Includes rental of adapted vehicle

Assistive Equipment for Recreation

Products used in competitive and non-competitive sports and other recreational pursuits.

Assistive Products for Household Tasks

Products to enable cooking, cleaning, washing, home maintenance and other tasks.

Assistive Products For Personal Care and Safety

Products for personal care or safety including beds and pressure mattresses, toilet and bathroom equipment, specialised clothing and continence needs.

Communications and Information Equipment

Products to assist with alternate communication or to access written or spoken communication via electronic or other means.

Community Nursing Care

This is the provision of specialist care for participants who have high care needs requiring a high level of skill, …

Custom Prosthetics and Orthoses

Prescription and manufacture of customised prostheses or orthoses requiring specialist skills.

Daily Personal Activities

Assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life to enable the participant to live as autonomously as possible. These …

Daily Tasks / Shared Living

This registration group incorporates assistance with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment, which is either …

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

Development of daily living and life skills focuses on training and development activities undertaken by the participant or their carer …

Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood

Provision of a mix of therapies, and a key worker for the family. Supports all children 0-6 years with developmental …

Exercise Physiology & Personal Well-Being Activities

Physical wellbeing activities promote and encourage physical well-being, including exercise.

Group Centre Based Activities

Assisting participants to participate in group based community, social and recreational activities.

Hearing Equipment

Assistive listening devices (not hearing aids).

Hearing Services

This registration group is for future use for hearing services. These services are currently provided through the Hearing Services Program …

High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

Assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life to enable the participant to live as autonomously as possible. These …

Home Modification Design and Construction

This registration group incorporates design and subsequent changes to the participant’s home. Home modification design and construction includes installation of …

Household Tasks

Essential tasks that the participant is not able to undertake: meal preparation and delivery, house or yard maintenance, cleaning and …

Innovative Community Participation

Activities not included under other community participation registration groups; for mainstream providers who want to enable participants to access mainstream …

Interpreting and Translation

Interpreting and translation focuses on assistance to the participant to enable independent communication in essential personal, social or community activities …

Management of Funding for Supports

Plan management is the financial management of the plan supports including making payments to providers, expense claims processing, providing monthly …

Participate Community

Assisting participants to participate actively in community, social and civic activities; includes supporting participants during these activities, and developing participants’ …

Personal Mobility Equipment

Products to enable mobility, such as equipment for walking, wheelchairs and transfer aids.

Specialised Driver Training

Driver training using adapted equipment or vehicle modification.

Specialised Hearing Services

This registration group is for future use for specialised hearing services for children and adults with complex needs. These services …

Specialised Supported Employment

Assistance in specialised supported employment/ADE

Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including to assist with the delivery of supports that …

Specialist Positive Behaviour Support

Specialised Positive Behaviour Support registration group includes support items provided by allied health professionals with specialist skills in positive behaviour …

Support Coordination

The provision of Support Coordination within a specialist framework necessitated by specific high level risks in the participant’s situation. Support …

Therapeutic Supports

Therapeutic supports are provided to assist participants aged from 7 years to apply their functional skills to improve participation and …

Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle modifications include the installation of, or changes to, equipment in a vehicle to enable a participant to travel safely …

Vision Equipment

Products for navigation, orientation, braille, guide dogs, magnifiers and note taking equipment.