Agape Care Services

Agape Care Services, Perth, provides broad disability supports to a culturally diverse population. Their supports, funded by NDIS includes, Daily Tasks / Shared Living, Development-Life skills, House hold tasks, Personal Activities etc...

The support worker will allow each individual participant to exercise, to his or her full potential, personal choice in opportunities and lifestyle. The support worker will ensure that the person they care for has a say in decisions about the provision, extent and timing of any care planned and also over the withdrawal of any service. Where, for reasons of mental frailty, the person who is being cared for is not able to participate fully in care planning, consideration will nevertheless be given to his or her wishes, so far as these are expressed and practical. Account will also be taken of the needs and rights of carers to lead their lives without unreasonable levels of demand and stress. The rights of the participant not to accept support workers into their own homes with whom they are not compatible will be upheld.

They aim to passionately deliver supports and become the best provider of choice for people with disability they believe in your abilities

Head Office: Kelmscott
Phone: 08 9495 2720
Registration Groups:


WA, 6111


1/4 Mountain View, Kelmscott, WA 6111
Phone: 08 9495 2720

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