Eminence Care

Eminence care provides help and support to people with disability for independent and better living. They work with disabled people and their carers to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Eminence Care has been formed with the mission to help and provide the highest standards of care and support to the people with disability. They aim to aid and support a better life for thousands of Australians with any sort of disability and enable them to participate in society and community life. Registered NDIS service provider, they offer individually planned and coordinated services and supports for their users and look forward to continually improve the quality of their services and the support workers they hire. They prioritise ensuring highest level of service and assistance to people with disability and their carers so they can avail the support they need. Their goal is to provide highest standards of care and support for the ones who are in need across the community. They are NDIS registered disability services provider and they are never willing to compromise on the quality of support and care.

Head Office: Rowville
Phone: 0406 569 790
Email: paru.tokas@gmail.com
Registration Groups:
Website: https://www.eminencecare.net.au/



Phone: 0406 569 790

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